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Patients Love My Gentle Approach

“Dr. Noreen works very closely with my neurologist. Her Acupuncture Treatments have really reduced my migraine headaches and I feel much better about a natural treatment, as some of the medications had side effects that were very unpleasant to me. I need very little treatment now, because I am so much healthier, thanks to Dr. Long." Noelle T.

"I needed to take care of my mother, who was beddridden and required someone to help her throughout the day. I am very fortunate, in that I could provide her with care in my home until she passed. Then I got sick. I didn't take care of myself; my mother came first. The Far Infrared Massage has helped me get well, and sleep better than I have in years.” - Joy S.

"Acupuncture cured my neck pain and I use the Far Infrared Massage to stay relaxed & pain free. Thanks to Dr. Long." - Stephen W.

"Dr. Noreen has been my Chiropractor for several years and has helped me progress from needing care every week to only needing maintenance visits every 2-4 weeks.  As a dentist, my career is very hard on my shoulders, neck and back!  Dr. Noreen is always offering stretches, exercises or other helpful treatment options that will improve my spine health and I love being proactive.  Using the infrared bed prior to my adjustments allows my body and muscles to relax. Dr. Noreen uses ultrasound and special adjustments as needed so that I feel I always receive very personal attention and treatment!" -Deborah Anders, DDS

"Dr. Long has been great.  Acupuncture really works!  The InfraRed Migun massage does the job!" - Mary W.

"Dr. Long does amazing work!  If I’m having a stressful day she helps me feel much better with massage and gentle chiropractic work." - Stewart B.

"Dr. Long got rid of my migraines. Her acupuncture and treatments cured me of weekly migraines I had been having for years. I had tried everything. I have been headache free for 6 months now. She is a wonderful chiropractor! Her migun bed is also extremely relaxing." - Joan G.

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