Dr. Noreen Long

Science Based Nutrition

Dr. Long uses comprehensive, state-of-the-art analysis to identify the actual cause of your problem. Using blood panels, hair analysis, stool kit & urinalysis, the analysis is highly specific and provides the correct answer. Propeitary herbs and vitamins, chosen to heal your specific condition, work quickly to help you heal. The Nutritional Approach is natural. Patients respond very well.

Why Take Vitamins?

Click HERE to view an Amazing Video. Evidence is scientific & very clear.  We need proper nutrition!

Nutrition for your Health

The best Nutritional Supplements and Homeopathic Remedies are determined after Dr. Long has reviewed the comprehensive lab panels, your personal history, lifestyle, and other specific factors.  Dr. Long chooses the perfect nutritional program for you. If you have trouble with sleep, nutrition, acupuncture and homeopathic remedies can help you get better sleep naturally. These treatments give long lasting benefits and heal conditions like seasonal allergies, migraine headaches, nerve pain and insomnia. The allergy remedies are created to treat allergens specific to our region, so they really work!

Learn more about these amazing healing remedies that are working so well for Dr. Long's patients:





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