Dr. Noreen Long

Chiropractic Care

As a Chiropractor, I will treat the cause of your pain. I have helped thousands of patients recover from many neck and back broblems. I can treat your stiff neck, tingling fingers, locked shoulder, your aching back, sore hip and your tender foot. Chiropractic Care heals nerve and joint pain and improves flexibility. When your pain is gone, and your joints move better, you become stronger and you get well. I use gentle manipulation techniques that are safe for everyone in your family. You will enjoy life more when your muscles and joints are strong and healthy.  Chiropractic Care is gentle and effective for ALL ages. For over 200 years, chiropractors have helped patients recover from injuries more quickly and remain healthy for the long term. I am a preferred chiropractor on most major insurance plans.

Ultra Sound & Deep Muscle Therapy

Dr. Long uses ultra sound to dissolve thick scarring in the muscles of the neck and back. The treatment feels warm and relaxing to the patient, even though this treatment is deep and very effective.


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