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3 Great Techniques to Prevent Eyestrain and Headache

We love to surf the web....until our head starts pounding and our eyes burn! Download Dr. Long's tips to prevent eyestrain and headache here.

Sir Paul McCartney give excellent eye relaxation tips, called Eye Yoga here.

Although we have mild winters and lovely summers, the misty damp days can cause allergy and cold symptoms. Download Dr. Long's Best Tips here.

Chiropractic Treatment Lowers Blood Pressure......scientific study proves it!


Natural Remedies to Reduce Inflammation

Dr. Long recommends these natural much better, and safer, than nSAIDS or over the counter drugs. Download Dr. Long's Best Tips here.

Click HERE to learn more. Wonderful website & book to help you live healthier and reduce inflammation.


Magnesium, powder/liquid is very effective.

Dr. Long suggests whole food supplements. 500 mg Magnesium each day will help reduce muscle fatigue and calm the nerves.  Magnesium can be found in green veggies, nuts, seeds, dairy, eggs, fish and meat.  The whole food vitamins I now carry are excellent!  The Right Foods label is committed to high quality, affordable whole food supplements.  Dark chocolate is rich in Magnesium (thank goodness!) as are other anti-inflammatory foods:  avocados, lemons, and green veggies.  These foods, along with 6-8 glasses of water and a whole food supplement, will help reduce the pain and swelling in any muscle or joint.

Acupuncture is an Effective Treatment for Chronic Illnesses

I began my alternative practice in chiropractic and acupuncture in 1982.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myfascitis, Fibrymyalgia, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and Lyme Disease had not been identified by the medical community.  I was successfully treating patients with each of these conditions with acupuncture, healing chiropractic touch and nutritional counseling.  All the various cancer agents had not been isolated in a lab, and I was helping cancer patients respond better to their medical treatment, which meant lower doses of radiation and, in some cases, recovery without chemotherapy.  Chemotherapy and radiation therapy have improved considerably since that time.  However, my acupuncture protocol has changed very little.  How can this be?  Because acupuncture enhances the immune response, I do not need to identify or target an invading opportunist or aberrant cell.  Working closely with cancer remission patients and patients undergoing medical treatment for cancer has helped me fine tune my technique.  Their feedback has been very valuable.  The benefit of acupuncture reaches every system of the body naturally, relaxing the patient and strengthening each person where it is needed most.

Acupuncture is as safe for young children as it is for adults, even the geriatric patient.  There are no side effects or contraindications for my gentle approach.  Patients sleep better and feel refreshed.  Obviously, the well-rested patient heals better and recovers more quickly.  I use the finest gauge sterile acupoints, so most patients do not feel any discomfort.  Patients with mesothelioma must endure many uncomfortable days and nights, and the necessary medications are sometimes very difficult.  Acupuncture and acupressure are very empowering for the patient, completely safe and comfortable.

Each state has an acupuncture society or association of qualified acupuncturists serving their respective communities.  I am a member of the Acupuncture Society of North Carolina.  My licensing board, the North Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners has strict guidelines for any chiropractor using acupuncture in our state.  This helps reassure any patient trying to incorporate nonmedical treatment options with their current medical care.

These Simple Back Exercises Really Work download here

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Learn how to use remove environemental pollution, mold, yeast, fungii & bacteria using light - recognizes the value of acupuncture as an emerging therapy in palliative cancer care. Aggressive cancers, such as mesothelioma, can often be difficult to treat.  Patients often find therapies that relax and increase their energy most beneficial. Acupuncture is now widely being used not only in palliative mesothelioma treatment regimens, but for other cancers as well.  There are dozens of acupuncture medical journals worldwide with scientific studies endorsing the use of acupuncture in the management of pain, insomnia, immune enhancement, nausea, headache pain, etc.

Dr. Long has a long term professional relationship with these organizations:

American Chiropractic Association -

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