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Types of Treatment

Dr. Long will listen to you, examine the problem area, and help you find the best treatment. She will explain everything and offer you several treatment options.


Acupuncture is the best treatment for nerve pain. Allergies and headaches are reduced or eliminated!  Gentle and safe for all ages!  Acupuncture Treatments boost your immune response, so nerves are headed and the pain stops, naturally! ...read more HERE



Chiropractic reduces nerve and joint pain and improves flexibility. You can enjoy life and live fully when your muscles and joints are strong and healthy.  Chiropractic is gentle and effective for ALL ages...read more HERE



Dr. Long uses Science Based Nutrition. Comprehensive lab panels identify your weak & toxic issues. Personalized Nutrition treats these with the best results!  ...read more HERE


Personalized Therapies & Exercises guarantee the results you deserve! ...read more HERE



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Patients Love

My Gentle Approach

“I like Dr. Long's gentle Chiropract care.” - Jill B.

“My Neurologist sent me to Dr. Noreen because I suffer from migraine headaches.  Her Acupuncture Treatments and gentle Chiropractic care eliminated the pain and I am free of migraines, thanks to her! I recommend Dr. Noreen to everyone suffering from headache pain." - Michelle S.

“Acupuncture Treatment and Chiropractic Care healed my sciatica and got me back to work in 2 weeks. Dr. Long is the best! She gave me back exercises to do at home, and that keeps me more flexibile, so my muscles don't get so tight.” - Jay R.

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